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Why Choose Us ?

Experienced. Our panel of dispute resolution experts have decades of experience from a variety of fields. Our depth and breadth of experience allow us to provide you unique perspectives and approaches to problems, increasing the likelihood of resolution. We are trained and registered neutrals with the Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution, and our training combined with our experience sets us apart from other panels of neutrals. As mediators, we are committed to helping you resolve disputes in the most effective manner based on a solutions-oriented approach of creative problem solving. As arbitrators, we are committed to providing a fair and ethical forum, and you will receive a ruling based on law and equity.

Exceptional. We are exceptional in multiple ways. We are the first panel in the Southeast to offer multidisciplinary co-mediation services as a standard option. Please see the Co-Mediation Tab for more about this service. Our panel includes the most diverse group of professionals from a variety of backgrounds. When you look at our panel, you will see dispute resolution experts that include successful entrepreneurs and business people, health care and insurance professionals, as well as corporate, employment and business lawyers.

Ethical. We are committed to providing mediation and arbitration services in a manner that reflects our beliefs that this process must be fair and affordable. With that in mind, we are committed to helping parties based on individual considerations and on a sliding scale. While we do have standard market rates comparable with those in the field, we endeavor to make our services affordable to all, and will be willing to adjust rates where parties do not have the resources necessary to pay our standard fees.

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