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Turning Points Mediation
Providing Multidisciplinary Co-Mediation Services

Turning Points Mediation offers a unique co-mediation service to its clients which maximizes the full utilization of the broad diversity of its ADR specialists.  Each of our mediators bring their own unique perspective and experience to the conflict resolution process.  Their diverse life experiences, educational and professional training, cultural backgrounds, and legal, and business expertise allows them to bring a creative multidisciplinary approach to the dispute resolution process.

Multidisciplinary co-mediation is an innovative concept in mediation services.  Whereas most mediations are conducted by a single mediator, multidisciplinary co-mediation adds the dimension of two mediators with complimentary skills and expertise ideal for enhancing the likelihood of finding a creative resolution to the most intractable conflicts and disputes. 

A multi disciplinary co-mediation team can consist of any two mediators with the legal, business or medical expertise appropriate for the issues and subject matter involved in your dispute.  Our clients benefit from “two heads” working to help resolve the issues  that are in dispute.  Our team collectively has more than 180 years of legal, medical and business experience.

During a recent co-mediation the lead mediator missed a very subtle clue that also had been evading both disputing parties. The support mediator having professional technical software development experience saw a hidden issue that ultimately provided the satisfactory resolution within 15 minutes of bringing that issue to the table.  Professional knowledge of an experienced team can provide high value for timely resolutions, and ultimately that saves money and  eliminates further business distractions.

Our multidisciplinary co-mediation is more than just understanding different aspects of legal, medical and business issues; our unique blend of specialties is “Experience, Knowledge and Insight” . . . two perspectives discovering, understanding and isolating the key issues that provides the “Turning Point” for resolution.


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