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Turning Points Mediation is a diverse group of trained and registered Mediators and Arbitrators; professionals with a broad range of experience in law, healthcare, business and a significant number of other industry specific areas. It is a Georgia limited liability company whose goal is to empower parties with disputes to resolve their differences peacefully and achieve a “win-win” outcome.

Turning Points Mediation is uniquely positioned to provide multidisciplinary co-mediation services to maximize their skills in achieving a solution. Multidisciplinary Co-mediation brings an added sense of balance and specific subject matter expertise to the process.

Specialty Areas:

- Business Organizations
- Civil Law
- Commercial Transactions
- Commercial Litigation
- Construction
- Contracts
- Domestic Relations
- Domestic Violence
- Employment Discrimination
- Financial Transactions
- General Business Law
- Healthcare
- Insurance
- Intellectual Property Protection
- Landlord/Tenant
- Letters of Credit
- Litigation
- Mortgage Backed Securities
- Patient/Provider
- Payer/Provider
- Personal Injury
- Probate
- Real Estate
- Sexual Harassment
- Trial
- Wrongful Termination
- Zoning

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